J.D. Solutions

Jacuzzi Spa Rates

Spa Rates:

First Visit

First Visit and Set up of Account



One Visit per Week



One Visit every other Week


Service  Includes:

     -Test & Adjust Chemicals

     -Rinse Filter as Needed

     -Inspect Spa

     -Brush inside of Spa

     -Removal of Debris


One Visit every 4 weeks


Additional Services:                                                                                                         â€‹Recommended Frequency

-Spa drain, clean, fill & adjust chemicals                                                           $225.00                                            1-3 times/yr.

                              â€‹(Additional charge if spa needs line cleaning or is extremely dirty)

-Fill spa and adjuest chemicals (clean spa)                                                      $150.00

-Clean Cover                                                                                                            $50.00                                              As Needed

-Chemically clean filter                                                                                          $75.00                                              As Needed

-Filter replacement                                                                                                 $40.00 + Cost of Filter

-Replacement of "Clear Ray" bulb                                                                        $40.00 + Cost of Bulb

-Trouble shooting & repair of items is charged hourly at rate of $60.00/hr. + materials (J.D. Solutions does not work on heaters, pumps, piping and control panels) 

*Swim Spa - Additional cost to service swim spa